X-Men Beta?

I seem to have committed DOFP fic. Is anyone able to beta 4,500 words of Charles/Erik angst!fic for me? (Stylistic feedback is very welcome, particularly when it comes to reining in my purple prose. I won't be offended by constructive criticism.)

A few things to be aware of: the fic contains holocaust imagery, and it has what I think is a bittersweet ending, a bit heavier on the bitter than the sweet. (However, it is not completely hopeless, I think, even though it is sad.)

More on X-Men. And Apocalypse Speculation

In a sign that the fannish feelings that DOFP aroused in me are elevating my fannish consumption to new levels, I have started watching some of the 90s X-Men cartoons. And I am rather enjoying them. It started with watching the cartoon!DOFP on YouTube, but I've now got a couple of volumes on DVD (they are super cheap). For all that the voice acting and production values are terrible, the stories are excellent -- they don't shy away from the political dimensions of the X-Men-verse, and the conflict is always a bit messy for every character, never quite clear cut (in contrast, X-Men Evolution, all available on YouTube, is TERRIBLE -- I gave up five or so episodes in). I understand that the 90s cartoon is based strongly on the comics (which I haven't read), so I'm guessing that's a big factor in why the stories work so well.

It's also actually making me think that a theory I came up with about Apocalypse may actually be... not far off. Now, as a disclaimer, I still haven't really engaged much with other fans in this fandom -- I've been reading fic on AO3, and I've started following a couple of tumblrs (though I have no content on my own), but I haven't really got into any in-depth discussions. So it is quite possible (probable even) that other people have been saying this for ages, and I'm well behind the times. But anyway.

So, a couple of days after we saw movie!DOFP, I turned to D and said, Collapse )

Anyway, yeah... this is probably something people have said thousands of times already, but hey... I figured I should put it down. ;)

Anyone up for Some X-Men Squee?

I saw Days of Future Past a couple of weeks ago, and it has been stirring up Fannish Feelings in me for the first time in a while (I've now seen the movie twice). And also angsty Charles/Erik shippy feelings.

I've always really enjoyed the X-Men movies in the past, they just didn't hit me in the fannish place. But now -- I've gone back and watched all of the movies, and even some of the cartoons on YouTube (Evolution from the 00s is pretty crappy, but the 90s cartoon is not bad -- at least, it plays up the political dimensions of the series, which is one of my favourite things about it). I have been reading fic and contemplating writing it again.

I know all the cool kids are doing fandom on Tumblr these days, but Tumblr isn't really my thing (I'm such an old fart). So, does anyone want to talk about fannish X-Men stuff here?


People! I am breaking my silence because a week and a half ago, [personal profile] lionessvalenti had a short story, Late Innings, Home Run (under the psuedonym Stella K. Jefferson) published with Dreamspinner press, and you can buy it for $2.99US.

A lot of you are probably familiar with [personal profile] lionessvalenti's excellent fanfic, so I don't need to tell you how great this story is. You probably won't be surprised to learn that it's a well written, moving story, that contains far more than just porn.




So basically, it was The End of Time, the bit where Ten is going around to say goodbye to all his companions, but instead of finding Jack on some space cruiser, he finds him being all emo in some desolate landscape, and his "gift" to Jack, instead of sexytiems with Alonso, is removing all of Jack's memories of Ianto (Donna-style). So the Doctor buggers off to regenerate, and leaves Jack all alone, not knowing that even though all Jack's memories of Ianto are gone, all the grief is still there*, AND IT WON'T GO AWAY, BECAUSE JACK DOESN'T KNOW WHY IT'S THERE.

And then a few centuries down the track, Jack meets some indirect descendant of Ianto's who looks just like him, and together they have to piece together the mystery of who Ianto was for Reasons That My Dream Wasn't Very Clear On.


*Like Amy with Rory, except I didn't draw that parallel in my dream.

Up and Away!

Just a quick note to say that I'm OFF TO JAPAN tonight. And I won't be back until January 10th. I probably will have internet over there, so I may well be "here", but I'm not sure how much time I will have for fandomy things, and I particularly want to let anyone who might have left gifts in my [community profile] fandom_stocking know that if I don't respond until mid-January, then that's why. And I will say thank you in advance to anyone who has been kind enough to leave a gift for me.

Speaking of gifts, I received a lovely fic for Yuletide this year: Bound. It fills my request for wonderful USTy Jack/Phryne from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (TV) in the most perfect way. Those of you outside of Australia probably haven't seen this show, but if you ever do get the chance, I highly recommend it -- just as I highly recommend this fic for anyone who HAS seen the show. The anonymous author captures the characters' voices and their rapport beautifully.

Also, I have seen both the Doctor Who Christmas Special and The Hobbit, and I loved both of them.

Fandom Stocking!

[community profile] fandom_stocking is up and running for the year, people!

It's the low-pressure fandom gift exchange of the holiday season -- you respond to the submission post, which comes with a handy-dandy form in which you let people know your favourite fandoms, ships, and your likes/dislikes, etc. Then one of the mods posts your "stocking" to the comm, with all of those details. Then you go around and look at other people's stockings, and if you feel like you can write/draw/make icons/make fanmixes/etc, for anyone else, then you do that, and post it to their stocking.

All stockings are screened until January 6th, so if you're going to make/write something for someone, there's plenty of time. And while you're encouraged to give at least one stocking gift to another, if you've hung a stocking yourself, there's no policing of that, and the mods are very good at making sure that everyone gets at least one gift in their stocking.

ANYWAY, for those of you who might be interested, my stocking is here:

And if you already have a stocking up, then please leave a link in the comments of this post! (Or if you don't have one yet, please come back to this post when you do have a stocking.)

Elementary 1x1

Finally got around to watching this.

My verdict: I liked it, but I didn't love it. Now, whether or not I love something is not usually a function of how good it is (see: Torchwood), and I think there are some thinks that Elementary did very well indeed. Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller are both fine actors who made me like their characters -- though in Liu's case I like Joan for completely different reasons to why I like Watson, and while Miller has some moments that pinged me as quintessentially Holmes-ish, at other times, he was less so. Given that I believe that adaptations should be judged on their own merits, this is not something that I think is a problem -- but it does mean that I'm not going to love it in the way that I love ACD!Holmes and BBC!Sherlock.

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