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Yuletide Letter 2016

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for writing something for me. I’m really looking forward to what you come up with.

Please only use my prompts if you find them helpful. Feel free also to take part of a prompt and use it for something that goes in a different direction. But I promise I won’t be disappointed if you don’t use my prompts at all -- it’s lovely to receive something completely unexpected. Write something that you would enjoy reading yourself, and I’m sure I’ll love it too.

I’m happy to receive gen fic or shippy fic. I’m good with f/m, m/m, and f/f, at any rating. For Yuletide, I do prefer fic that is at least somewhat hopeful, but I don’t mind fic that is predominantly melancholy or bittersweet. I really enjoy both self-reflexive slice-of-life stories and plotty fics.

Let me also assure you that I would love fic for all my requested fandoms equally.

DNWs are: Explicit sex involving under-18 characters (please fade to black); parent/child or teacher/student ships (including characters who take on this role as a surrogate/informally); non-con/dub-con (with the exception that tipsy/drunk sex is okay, so long as all parties are relatively coherent, everyone has fun, and no one regrets it in the morning).

My requested fandoms are:

Earthsea - Ursula Le Guin (Ged, Tenar, Penthe, Ogion)

I’ve loved Earthsea since I was in my early teens -- I love the quiet, contemplative, fable-like nature of the novels, the way that they acknowledge the brutalities of life without letting go of hope, Le Guin’s elegant, but straightforward, style of writing.

Below are some prompts to assist if you need them, but feel free to disregard if they aren’t helpful:

*Ged/Tenar or Ged and Tenar: I’d love something about their day to day life after Tehanu, or after The Other Wind. What sort of quiet contemplative moments do they share? Or conversely, are they ever silly together, in ways that they couldn’t be when they were Priestess/Farmwife and Archmage? Or if you wanted to go earlier, I’d love to see Ged and Tenar thinking about each other (maybe receiving word from/of each other) while Tenar was living with Ogion and Ged was having adventures/being Archmage?

*Penthe: What happened to her after the earthquake? Did she remain a priestess, and rise in their ranks? Did she marry, or set off on her own? Does she ever, when she is older, decide to seek out Tenar on Gont?

*Ogion and Tenar: How did Ogion and Tenar learn to live together? Ogion wasn’t a demonstrative man, so how did he make Tenar feel at home on Gont?

As you can probably guess from the above, I’m happy to receive fic that doesn’t use all of my requested characters. (I’m also happy if you want to pull in other characters closely associated with the requested ones, though that is of course the most optional of these already optional details.)

Evernight Series - Claudia Gray (Vic, Ranulf)

The dynamic between the laid-back Vic and out-of-place Ranulf is such a delight to read, and I’d love to see more of it. I love that there’s a strong sense of loyalty and affection between in spite of their light-hearted friendship. I see them more as bro-mancey friends than lovers, but if you want to go in a slashy direction, I’m willing to be convinced (but do see my DNWs re: underage).

Some prompty ideas of great optional-ness:

*Vic teaching Ranulf about utterly bizarre (from Ranulf’s perspective) 21st century customs. Perhaps they go people-watching together? Or alternatively, Ranulf having all sorts of useful skills and impressive skills that Vic never would have considered.

*Ranulf sees something that reminds him of the past, and brings up sad memories. How does Vic cheer him up?

*How does Vic help Ranulf with his need for blood? Does he surprise him with some particularly tasty/rare blood for his birthday/deathday? Does Ranulf ever drink Vic’s blood for any reason, and how do they deal with that?

Drop Dead Fred (Annabella, Elizabeth, Janie)

When I re-watched this movie recently, I was struck by how much chemistry there is between Elizabeth and Annabella, for all that they only meet once. Annabella seems quite pleased to think that Elizabeth is checking her out at the wine tasting, and she seems rather impressed that Elizabeth is not as mousey as Charles had made her out to be. I also really love the friendship between Elizabeth and Janie -- that Janie just accepts what Elizabeth tells her about Fred as a “creative visualisation”, without judging her (and all things considered, she’s *very* understanding about her house sinking).

Some ideas, if you need them (and feel free to ignore if you don’t):

*Annabella has left something at the apartment/in Charles’ car, and arranges to come around to get it back. They end up drinking Charles’ expensive wine, and discover that they like each other a whole lot more than they ever liked Charles.

*Janie helps to talk Elizabeth down after she develops feelings for Annabella and doesn’t know what to do about them. Early 90s-style affirmations and quotations from self-help books follow.

*Girls’ night: Janie, Elizabeth, and Annabella organise a girls’ night (which can also involve drinking lots of Charles’ expensive wine). Elizabeth and Janie try to explain Drop Dead Fred to Annabella. Could possibly result in the making of mud pies.

Obviously I ship Elizabeth/Annabella, but if you don’t, that’s totally okay -- I promise I’d love friendship fic about them just as much! And I’m happy if you don’t use all the requested characters.

Thank you again for writing for me!
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