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Star Wars Rare Pairs Letter

Dear Rare Pairs Writer/Artist,

Thank you for making something for me! I promise that I will be so very delighted to receive new fic or art about one of my favourite underrated Star Wars ships.

As usual, prompts are guidelines and not prescriptive -- I hope they give you a general idea of what I like, but don’t feel locked into them. I love receiving unexpected things! I realise that a lot of the prompts I’ve provided are sex or smut based, because hey, these are all ships that I find hot and I would love to receive smut in either written or art form. However, I also promise that I would also love to receive something that didn’t involve smut or sex, if you don’t like writing/drawing that -- I’m happy with fade-to-black scenarios (for writing), and when I say I’m interested in two (or more) characters ending up in bed together, they don’t necessarily have to have sex once they’re there. Above all, please create something that you enjoy writing/drawing -- if I seem to like something that you’re not into, that’s all good -- please just focus on the areas where we do seem to have the same tastes (after all, we share at least one ship!), and go from there.

You may notice that some of my prompts are similar to prompts I've given for the Trick or Treat exchange -- please don't worry about this. If I've repeated the prompt it's because I would happily enjoy many different takes on the same thing (and everyone's take will be different).

A couple of preferences:

  • I have a general preference for canon-verse works (especially for fic), though I don’t mind canon-divergent AUs.

  • I prefer to avoid A/B/O, mpreg, and excessive amounts of pre-come.

  • If you’re writing Luke/Leia, Luke/Han or Leia/Poe, please be respectful of any background Han/Leia (if you include it at all -- obviously you don’t have to!). That doesn’t mean you can’t imply that it’s a messy and dysfunctional relationship -- please do (in fact a few of my prompts are based around Leia turning to someone else because of that messy dysfunction). But I still ship Han/Leia as hard as any of the requested rare pairs here, and I believe that underneath it all, they are still two people who love each other very much, so if you do include them as a background thing, please keep that in mind.

My standard Do Not Wants include:

  • No explicit sex involving under-18 characters

  • No teacher/student, or parent/child

  • No outright non-con, and no dub-con where a person in authority is manipulating someone in their power into something they don’t really want (though obviously the existence of the power imbalance itself is okay, given that Leia/Poe is one of my ships!). However, dub-con in the form of both/all parties giving into something they wanted anyway due to an external influence is okay, as is drunk sex, so long as all parties involved are relatively coherent, everyone has fun, and no one regrets it in the morning.

Now, for ships and prompts!


The thought of these three together gives me hearts in my eyes (as do all the sub-ships therein), and I ship the full triangle. I love them sweet and fluffy, I love them angsty, I love them smutty, and I love a combination of any or all of these things. I love the different dynamics between all three of them, and how they balance each other out perfectly. I’m happy to see them at any point in the timeline, but if your focus is this ship, please do write them as all together in one way or another (ie, not pre-OT3, unless the first time happens in the fic itself).


*Hurt/comfort: one of them is hurt/upset about something and the other two take care of them. (Maybe Leia is being all stoic after something reminds her of Alderaan, but Han and Luke both know she’s upset and try to help her through it, without letting on that that’s what they’re doing, because she wouldn’t want them to actually acknowledge it; bonus points if Leia gets to have a moment of catharsis. Or perhaps Luke is angsting about some Jedi-related thing, and Han and Leia pull him out of it.)

*Drunken pile: they get drunk together and end up in a big happy drunken pile (sex can happen, or not. Or it can start to happen and not going anywhere, because drunk). Would be particularly well-suited to the post-ANH/pre-ESB timeframe, but could work post-RotJ too.

*Domestic day-in-the-life: I’d love to see them on a normal day, post-RotJ: Leia all frustrated by the Senate, Han getting all excited by some new modifications to the Falcon, Luke quietly studying some ancient Jedi texts in the library, all three of them being parents to Ben before he falls...

*Angsty last time: After Ben falls, they have angsty hurty sex one last time before Luke disappears.


I love how good they are to each other, and how much they genuinely care for each other. I love the Force bond between them, and that it lets them feel close to each other in ways that most people couldn’t understand. If they’d grown up together as brother and sister they wouldn’t feel this way, but they grew up separately, and… well, feelings are what they are, even if they lead them to some places that are messy and difficult. There are so many different scenarios I love for these two at all different points on the timeline, and I’m particularly fond of first times (especially Luke’s first time), sweet/gentle hurt/comfort, and yearning/pining (especially when it’s Luke doing the yearning). However, I am also not in any way opposed to filthy, hot-and-dirty fucking between them, especially of the Luke-lets-go-of-all-that-Jedi-restraint variety. Use of their Force bond is something I enjoy in any scenario. I’m more than happy for there to be background OT3 going on (Luke/Leia variants on my Luke/Leia/Han prompts are very welcome indeed), but for the prompts below I’ve tried to provide some non-OT3 alternatives:


*During/post-ANH: They’ve both lost everything they’ve ever known; no wonder they reach for each other in the dark. (Also works for post-ESB.)

*Post-RotJ, “Just one time”: They know things can’t be between them; they know the sibling thing would be way too messy, and besides, Leia loves Han and Luke doesn’t want to get in the way of that. But when they slip away from the celebration party to talk, they’re both a heady combination of victorious and emotionally raw after everything, and just once, they give into it, resulting in passionate, desperate, almost-fully-clothed, up-against-a-tree fucking.

*After a fight: When the fighting with Han gets really bad, Leia always finds herself in Luke’s bed; he is sweet and gentle and he calms her down; he accepts things as they are and never resents her for going back to Han. (Han can know about it, or maybe he doesn’t… or maybe he knows but doesn’t acknowledge it…)

*Post-TFA first time: They need each other; they just want to hold each other as close as they possibly can, and none of the reasons not to do this matter anymore. And they know they might not have another chance.


I love the way they risk their lives for each other, and the easy affection between them. I think that Han gives Luke the opportunity to not be a Jedi for a while; around Han, more than anyone else, Luke doesn’t have to feel like he’s carrying the whole galaxy on his shoulders. For Han, Luke is the first person (besides Chewie) who really saw through his façade of only-caring-about-himself. I’m more than happy if your Luke/Han has background OT3, or just background Han/Leia. Please feel free to write/draw Luke/Han versions of any of my Luke/Leia/Han prompts.


*Post ANH: Han hadn’t expected to wake up with Luke in his bed after the celebration party, but he’s not exactly complaining when that’s what’s happens.

*Close call: There’s nothing like a close brush with death to get the blood flowing…

*Unwind: Nothing helps Luke unwind quite so much as Han fucking him, long and slow.

*Remembering: post-TFA, Luke does something to remember Han/help process his grief.


I basically started shipping these two when the TFA yellow scroll mentioned Leia’s “most daring pilot” -- I had no idea who Poe was or what he looked like, but he sure sounded like Leia’s type! Nothing in the movie itself disabused me of that notion, and I love anyone who creates more work for this delightful ship.


*Selfish: If Han taught Leia anything, it was that she was allowed to be selfish sometimes. That’s why she takes Poe up on his offer.

*Care: Poe notices when the General needs something, and he’s all too happy to help.

*Power play: While I would ask for no non-con/dub-con in the form of “Leia exploits her position as General to get Poe to do her bidding,” I am very happy for them to role-play that sort of scenario. Like, really happy. In my pants. Or you could reverse their positions, if Leia wanted to take some time out from being the person in charge of everything. (No need for extensive consent negotiations, unless that’s what you like writing -- a throwaway line to show that they’re both 100% into it is fine.)

*Fantasy (one-sided): Leia wouldn’t actually take Poe to her bed, but she can still enjoy thinking about it.


These two really need to ditch their Jedi and get it on! I love that they have so much in common aside from the Jedi-dalliances too -- their commitment to their people and to their ideals, their courage, just everything.


*Understanding: It’s just one night, but they find that they understand each other in more ways than one.

*They both survive AU: Maybe they both faked their deaths, or they just didn’t die in the way that canon suggests. Either way, as the Empire spreads darkness throughout the galaxy, they find each other. (One possibility: Padmé still has to place Leia and Luke in hiding with the Organa and Lars families, and Satine knows what it’s like to watch at a distance as someone else raises your child.)

*Fun: They have twelve hours before they need to be anywhere. They both have Responsible Things To Do, but they have no way of doing them. For once in both their lives, they can relax, and have some fun.

*Political Badassery: They love watching each other be political badasses. If you’re a writer, this could be epistolary: they write to each other/send holo-messages whenever the other does something particularly impressive.

Thank you again, writer/artist!
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