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Trick or Treat 2016: Letter

For [community profile] trickortreatex

Dear Trick or Treat Creator,

Thank you for making something sweet and/or scary for me! I’m really looking forward to whatever you come up with.

I hope my prompts are helpful to you -- but if they aren’t helpful, please don’t feel beholden to them. I love getting presents that are completely unexpected, so I can promise you that I won’t be disappointed if you ignore my prompts altogether. Please also feel free to mix/match with the prompts -- use only part of the prompt, apply a prompt about one character to a different character, combine two prompts, take a trick prompt and turn it into a treat or vice versa -- whatever works.

I’ve listed shipping preferences for each fandom, but please only pay attention to these if they align with your own shipping tendencies, and especially please don't feel obliged to write any pairing/OT3 that is squicky for you. If you don’t ship what I ship, then that's all good.

I know it should go without saying, but if we only matched on one character, I'll be totally happy receiving something based around that character only (and if I didn't mention them much in the prompts, please don't worry -- it's difficult to come up with prompts that cover everyone, but it doesn't mean that I don't want fic or art about that character -- if I requested a character, it's because I want something!)

[ETA 9 Oct: In case you see this, I’d also like to apologise for not providing an abbreviated version of the above disclaimers with my initial sign-up, especially if we matched on a character that I don’t mention much in prompts. I hope that my thoughtlessness didn’t cause you worry, and if it did, I’m very sorry. I really do mean it when I say that I’m happy for you (a) not use my prompts at all or (b) apply prompts about one character to a different one and mix/match prompts etc. I’m sure I’ll love what you create/are creating/have already created. End ETA]

Likes: I’m totally happy with g-rated fic, but I also enjoy sexy sexy smut, and all things in between. I’m happy to receive m/m, f/m, f/f, poly, and gen. Introspective character-portrait style works are great, as is plotty adventure (or as much plotty adventure as you can fit into 300 words/one small artwork - one scene from a plotty adventure!). I love fic/art about people being good to each other, but also messy complicated relationships.

In most exchanges I say that I prefer fluff with a bit of angst underneath, or angsty fic with a touch of hope. And that still holds true! But given the trick-or-treat theme of this exchange (I’ve selected tricks and treats for all fandoms), I’d also be totally happy if you wanted to go super fluffy OR super dark.

I do have a preference for canon-verse fanworks, though canon-divergent AUs are good!

Do Not Wants:

  • Explicit sex involving under-18 characters (please fade to black)

  • Parent/child, teacher/student -- this includes surrogate parent figures and mentors (though gen/platonic relationships of this kind are lovely and very welcome).

  • Outright non-con and dub-con where an authority figure is exploiting their authority (but dub-con where both parties are affected by some kind of external force that allows/compels them to do something they actually quite enjoy/secretly wanted, even if it’s not healthy, is quite okay)

There are also a couple of fandom-specific DNWs that I’ve listed under the appropriate headings below.

Fandom 1: Star Wars Original Trilogy

Characters: Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo

Trick or Treat: Either
Medium: Either

Shipping Preferences: I ship Luke/Leia/Han hard as an OT3, and I also love all three sub-ships in the triangle. But I would also be completely happy with gen fic about any or all of them.

Trick prompts:

  • Nightmares: all three of them have been through some terrible things. What if those things haunt them in ways they can’t escape?

  • Vader’s Children (Luke/Leia): Luke and Leia are the only ones who understand what it’s like to carry his legacy inside them; no matter how wrong it is, it draws them together again and again. (Han can know and understand, or not…)

  • Gamble: When Leia’s and/or Luke’s life is on the line, Han gambles away a piece of his soul. Not that he really believes in souls…

Treat prompts:

  • Slice of life/domestic: I’d love to see them on a normal day, post-RotJ Leia all frustrated by the Senate, Han getting all excited by some new modifications to the Falcon, Luke quietly studying some ancient Jedi texts in the library… Or maybe a normal day on Hoth before ESB...

  • Sweet and sexy smut: Either OT3 or any of the sub-ships, at any point during the OT or afterwards. (Gen alternative: non-smutty affection: cuddling, forehead kisses, etc.)

  • Helping each other get through: Leia and Luke both lose so much in ANH. I’d love to see something about them helping each other (or Han helping either/both of them) process their grief - could be shippy or not, either way is good.

Fandom 2: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Characters: Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Rey, Finn, Poe, Ben Solo | Kylo Ren.

Trick or Treat: Either
Medium: Either

Shipping preferences: Luke/Leia, Leia/Poe (so long as it's not a power-abuse thing), Rey/Kylo Ren (but please see DNWs below), and Rey/Finn/Poe (plus sub-ships).

Trick Prompts:

  • Prometheus: Luke is not hiding on his island, he is trapped there. And every day he is cursed to suffer the same terrible fate…*

  • Dark Reylo: Rey enjoys making Kylo Ren suffer; he deserves it (and he likes it, that's why he comes back for more). But she knows it costs her something every time. OR a Reylo version of the “Vader’s Children” prompt above (in which they are cousins or half-siblings).

  • Countdown: When Finn left the First Order, the countdown started. Now, it has almost reached zero.

*Which does not necessarily have to be his liver getting eaten by an eagle. Just, you know, something bad/horrifying every day.

Treat Prompts:

  • First Time: Rey’s first time having sex is between Finn and Poe both. It’s sweet and gentle and good, and she feels loved. (Gen alternative: This is the first time Rey has known what it’s like to have friends.)

  • Bonding: Rey bonding with Leia and/or Luke as parental/mentor/teacher figures - up to you whether there is some sort of biological relationship as well. (Ben alternative: Luke and/or Leia bonding with Ben before he turned dark - or an AU in which Ben didn’t turn, and Ben and Rey train together with either or both of the twins.)

  • Comfort: Luke and Leia comfort each other and grieve for Han together when they are reunited. (Can be Luke/Leia or gen, as you prefer. Past Luke/Leia/Han also welcome.)

Reylo specific DNWs: I would ask not to receive fluffy/romantic Reylo, or any fic/art in which Rey has less agency than Kylo Ren (though the opposite dynamic is quite welcome!). If there’s a D/s scenario, please don’t make Rey the sub. Messy and complicated but not completely dark is okay.

Fandom 3: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Characters: Any

Shipping Preferences: I love Phryne/Jack, and Dot/Hugh is very cute.

Trick or Treat: Either
Medium: Either

Trick Prompts:

  • Zombie Apocalypse: Could be ensemble fic, or involve just one or two characters. I bet Dot’s domestic skills, enhanced by her training with Miss Fisher, would help her save Hugh from the hoards of the undead. And I doubt that there’s a zombie who could make its way past Aunt P…

  • Haunted House: Bert and Cec don’t believe in ghosts. Mac challenges them to spend a night in a haunted house.

  • Full Moon: No matter how hard Dot prays, it always happens when the moon is full. She can’t confess to her priest… but maybe Miss Phryne will understand. (Or the same premise with another character -- what happens to Mac, or Jane, or anyone else at the full moon? How do they deal with it?)

Treat Prompts:

  • Friendship: Phryne and Mac bonding fic! I’d love to see them Getting Up To Shenanigans, either in the present or the bast. (Or any friendship bonding, especially between the women nominated!)

  • So late it’s early (Phryne/Jack): For Phryne it’s very late, and for Jack it’s very early (could be smutty, or not).

  • Wayward Niece: Aunt P doesn’t always understand Phryne, but she loves her.

Phryne/Jack specific DNWs: While I love Phryne/Jack, please avoid writing fic/making art that involves them getting married and/or having babies.

Thank you again, creator of sweet and/or scary things!
Tags: miss fisher's murder mysteries, star wars, trick or treat

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