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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for the time you're putting into writing a gift for me! I hope that it’s a fun process for you -- I think the best gifts are the ones that the giver takes great delight in, so write to make yourself happy first and foremost. The prompts that I’ve included with my requests are to help you if you’re stuck, but don’t feel limited by them: I love gifts that make me see things in a new way that I hadn’t considered before.

Please also don't be alarmed by the fact that I've spent more time on some fandoms than others in my prompts -- this is simply a reflection of the number of nominated/requested characters, and not in any way a reflection of which fandom I like best -- I love all three very much and would be equally delighted to receive a fic for any of them.

Some things that I particularly enjoy include:

  • Fic written from a woman's POV.

  • Supportive relationships between women.

  • Character-driven stories.

  • Stories that acknowledge the bad things in the world, but hold onto hope/happiness regardless.

But remember, this list is to help you out, it's not a prescription or a list of items you need to tick off! In general, my tastes are quite broad -- I like gen, but I also enjoy slash, femslash and het pairings. I love small, reflective slice-of-life fics, and I love plotty stories. I enjoy PWP, and I also like fic that would be safe to read to a six year old.

However, I would ask that you please avoid writing on-screen sex between characters under the age of 18, incest, and relationships along the lines of teacher/student, guardian/person in their care. I also have one DNW relating to one fandom, which is detailed in my request.

NOTE: Miss Fisher section updated on 2 Nov 15 to rectify an oversight on my part.

1. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - any character

I love this show, and I've selected any character because I would genuinely love anything that explores this world, from a reflective piece focusing on one character to a fic that explores the amazing group dynamic of this show. I know the prompts below are quite specific, but that doesn't mean I won't be happy with something completely different, if none of them inspire you.


Phryne and Mac backstory: I'd love to see more of their friendship prior to the show, whether it's how they met as girls, or having adventures together as young adults.

Aunt Prudence: On the surface, Aunt P is very different to Phryne, but she can be a bit of a rebel herself, and we've seen that she can be fiercely protective of Phryne -- I'd love something that explores her relationship with Phryne, whether backstory or something set during the show (or both).

Rosie: I really love Rosie, and would love to know more about her. I love fic that explores her marriage with Jack, and would be delighted with something along those lines, though I would also love anything that explores how she copes post-S2. I'd also be delighted to see her interacting with Phryne again in the future -- there were a lot of hints in S2 that they could be friends in spite of the uneasiness between them.

Concetta: I also really love Concetta (Jack clearly has great taste in women). As with the Rosie prompt above, I'd be more than happy to see backstory with Jack, or future-fic about what she does post-Murder and Mozzarella.

Phryne/Jack: I totally ship them and would love anything from mild flirtiness to hot sexytiems (but I would request that you do not go down the marriage-and-babies route with this pairing). I'd be particularly interested in fic that explores the possibility of the pair of them finding their way to a not-completely-monogamous relationship.

Dot(/Hugh): I'd love to see how Dot looks back on her time with Phryne in the future -- where are Dot (and Hugh) in a few decades time?

UPDATE (2 Nov 2015): I realised that I hadn't incorporated Lin and/or Camellia into either of these -- please rest assured I'd still love fic about either or both of them! (How do they balance Lin's business interests with Camellia's communism? Do Phryne and Camellia remain friends? There's so much you could do with these two that I'd love! (End update)

And if none of those inspire you, I want to stress again, that I love all the nominated characters.

Cormoran Strike by Robert Galbraith (JKR) -- Robin Ellacot

I love Robin with the passion of a great big passionate thing. I'd love to see her fulfilling her dreams -- finishing her degree, growing further as a detective. I'm intrigued by the suggestion in Career of Evil that she might consider the police force as an alternative to working with Cormoran. I'd also be equally interested in backstory -- perhaps something about her learning to drive and/or taking her advanced driving course?

Obviously, this is completely optional, but I do realise that if you're writing about Robin's past and/or future, you may well want to incorporate Matthew and/or Cormoran -- this is fine with me! If you end up incorporating Cormoran into the fic, I'll not that I really love Robin and Cormoran as friends, but I don't ship them (in spite of the way that canon seems to be going). I don't ship Robin/Matthew either -- but obviously both the good and the bad of their canon relationship has been huge in her life, and I wouldn't want you to feel like you had to ignore that.

Malory Towers by Enid Blyton -- any character

Malory Towers is one of the loves of my childhood, and I love fic that explores these characters. Here are some ideas that might be helpful to you, though please feel free to ignore them if you have another idea that grabs you.

Slice of life at school: Show me a midnight feast or a jolly afternoon in the sun!

Gwen: I love fic that treats Gwen sympathetically -- I feel like she was never really given a chance to develop as a character in the books. Perhaps Gwen encounters Darrell and/or Bill and Clarissa at some point in the future? How does she react to seeing her old classmates? (Or alternatively, I'd be interested in seeing how future Gwen appears from the POV of one of the others.)

Zombie AU: Because it would be hilarious.

I'd be more than happy if you wanted to write me some Bill/Clarissa too -- but please do not write me any underage sex.
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