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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing a gift for me. I hope that it’s a fun process for you -- I think the best gifts are the ones that the giver takes great delight in, so write to make yourself happy first and foremost. The prompts that I’ve included with my requests are to help you if you’re stuck, but don’t feel limited by them: I love gifts that make me see things in a new way that I hadn’t considered before.

In general, my tastes are quite broad -- a lot of the prompts I’ve given here are gen, but I also enjoy slash, femslash and het pairings. I love small, reflective slice-of-life fics, and I love plotty stories. I enjoy PWP, and I also like fic that would be safe to read to a six year old.

However, I would ask that you please avoid writing explicit sex between characters under the age of 18, incest, and relationships along the lines of teacher/student, guardian/person in their care. I also have one DNW ship for one fandom, which is detailed in my request.

And here are my requests themselves:

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
Characters: Cath, Reagan, Simon, Baz

One of the things I love about this novel is the way that Cath’s writing reflects her character development. I’d absolutely adore a fic that explored how this dynamic operated a year or so on from the close of the novel. For instance:

How does Cath deal with having a closed canon? How does this affect the way she writes Simon/Baz and their future lives? Does it reflect her friendship with Reagan in any way?


A year (or more) down the track, Gemma T Leslie writes a short story about Simon and Baz for charity. How does Cath respond? How does Reagan respond to Cath’s response?

Of course, these are just suggestions! If you want to write something that moves back and forth between a Simon/Baz story and Cath’s life, that would be amazing -- but if you’d feel more comfortable focusing more on a Simon/Baz fic that’s only implicitly written by Cath, or a Cath & Reagan fic that just makes a passing mention of Simon/Baz, then that’s fine too! Please go with what inspires you!

Daria (Cartoon)
Characters: Daria, Jane, Quinn

Where are they now? What are Daria, Jane, and Quinn like in their 30s? I’m sure that Daria and Jane are just as snarky as ever, but are they more cynical or less cynical than they were as teenagers? How has Quinn found post-high school life?

Here are a few prompts, just in case, but please don’t feel bound to them if something else inspires you:

Quinn POV: These days, Quinn only sees Daria and Jane once or twice a year. How do they change in her eyes as time passes?

Sick Sad World: Quinn is horrified to learn that Sick Sad World is featuring a story (very loosely) based on her life. Can Daria and Quinn help her out?

Baby-Sitting: While visiting Lawndale for Thanksgiving/Christmas/a big event of your choice, Daria and Jane get roped into baby-sitting for Quinn’s child(ren).

One quick DNW: while I'm quite happy for you to mention as a background thing that any or all of these characters have romantic relationships (or not), I don't see Trent as anything other than a schoolgirl crush for Daria -- so please avoid Daria/Trent as a background pairing!

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (TV series)
Characters: Aunt Prudence, Jane Ross, Dr Mac, Phryne

I received an amazing Phryne/Jack fic for this fandom in 2012, so this year, my request is all about the ladies! I’d love to see any of my tagged characters interacting with each other -- feel free to focus on just two of them if you like, though fic that features all four of them is also welcome. Just in case, here are a couple of prompts, that I am more than happy for you to ignore completely if inspiration strikes in a different direction:

Aunt Prudence -- I adore Aunt Prudence, and I love her relationship with Phryne. I’d love to read something from her POV that explores the way she interacts with her beautiful wayward niece.

Jane and Dr Mac -- Jane looks up to Dr Mac, but she sees her as a person as well as a mentor.

Malory Towers - Enid Blyton
Characters: Any

I am guaranteed to adore anything that is written about these characters! I love fic that explores their futures, or fic that adds depth to their time at school (and especially fic that adds depth to Gwen’s character). I ship Mary Lou/Darrell, but I’d be happy to read about pairings between any of the nominated girls from Darrell’s year. And gen is just fine too! It would be really difficult to disappoint me with Malory Towers fic, but here are a few prompts just in case you get stuck:

Gwen and Miss Winter, through the years: Miss Winter watches Gwen grow from a little girl, into a young woman, and then an adult. How does her relationship with Gwen change over time?

Old Age: I’ve read fic exploring the adult lives of the Malory Towers girls, but not too much about their old age. How do they get on in a changing world? What do they make of dear old Malory Towers now?

Epistolary fic: After Malory Towers (and/or St Andrews) the girls (women) write to each other about their lives -- perhaps you’d like to focus on just two of them, or several of them, it’s up to you.

Zombie AU: Just in case you're in the mood for it!


Thank you again, dear writer, for all of your effort, and for the wonderful fic that I’m sure you will produce.
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