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Dear Secret Mutant Writer/Artist

(For folks who are curious, Secret Mutant is an XMFC/DOFP holiday fanwork exchange -- follow the link for more info!)

Dear Secret Mutant Writer/Artist,

Thank you for making a fanwork for me! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Here are a few things about me that might help you in interpreting my prompts, though they should definitely not be taken as hard and fast rules: if you feel like the fic/artwork you are inspired to write/make doesn’t match up with the things I’ve got here 100%, then go with your gut -- don’t feel that you have to shoehorn your fanwork into something that doesn’t quite fit. But if you want to fine-tune your options a bit, here are some things that might help:

  • I’m all about the canon!verse. While there are plenty of great AUs about that I’ve enjoyed very much, my favourite fanworks are the ones that fill in gaps and/or provide me with a new perspective on the canon. This is probably pretty obvious from my prompts, since three out of four are pretty firmly located within the canon timelines. The fourth is potentially a bit more open to interpretation… just in case!

  • I love the political dimensions of X-Men, and I love fic that incorporates that element of the canon, even if just in small ways (though large ways are fine too, of course).

  • If you’ve chosen one of the Charles/Erik prompts -- one of my favourite things about this ship is the adversarial tension between them -- even in fics where they’ve somehow managed to work out a functional relationship, I enjoy seeing that tension there (perhaps channelled in some more productive ways). Of course, the whole “enemies who can’t keep their hands of each other/can’t help being in love” thing is also good. :)

  • Bittersweet is my favourite flavour. Fluff can be amazing and lovely -- but it works best for me if there’s a hint of melancholy in there. By the same token, I love angst and sadness, but it doesn’t usually work for me unless there’s at least the potential (however small) for something better thrown in.

I don’t think it’s likely to come up given my prompts, but just in case, I’ll also ask that you avoid anything sexually explicit that relates to under-18s. Other things that aren't to my taste include Omegaverse and mpreg. But in general my tastes are broad.

ETA: Editing to add my prompts, since I notice that a lot of people have included them in their letters:

  • Gen prompt: I'd love to see something that explores Raven's character between the Kennedy assassination and 1973. Does she ever contemplate going back to the mansion, to Charles? Why does she choose not to do that?

  • Gen prompt: How do Kitty and Erik interact in the grimdark timeline? At the beginning of DOFP they're working in separate teams, but those teams must have interacted at least a few times in the leadup to DOFP. What do they make of each other?

  • Grimdark timeline, old!Charles/Erik, hurt/comfort -- A moment (or moments) alone. How do Charles and Erik interact when no one is watching?

  • Song prompt: "Could we start again, please?" from Jesus Christ Superstar (See Mel C singing it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyM07AFqf-M) -- in my mind, this is just about the most perfect Charles/Erik song ever, especially after DOFP.

    I must guiltily confess that I'm putting this in here *just in case* I get assigned to a vidder who has the time, energy and inclination to make a vid based on this song, BUT having said that, I certainly don't expect a vid, even if you are the mightiest vidder in all the land, I know that vidding is labour-intensive and time is usually in short supply at this time of year.

    I would also love any other Charles/Erik fanwork inspired by this song. Not necessarily song!fic per se (if you're a writer) -- ie, don't feel that you'd need to incorporate the lyrics into the fic, or write/draw something that incorporated every element of the song -- perhaps just something that uses it (even just one line) as a starting point.

Thank you again, dear anonymous creator of fanworks!
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